When it comes to interlock – look no further!  Gordmay Construction will provide you with a no obligation estimate to install new or replace old interlock around the exterior of your home.  It’s maintenance free and will increase the value of your home while providing desired curb appeal!

Interlocking paving stones and blocks can fit together like puzzle pieces and make your landscape stand out beautifully. Individual pieces can be kept in place by the surrounding pieces. This system is very secure, low maintenance and long lasting. It’s quite difficult to dislodge a piece of interlocking stone. Interlocking is durable and resilient and able to withstand all kinds of weather. Here are some of the advantages of installing interlocking paving stones to your home and garden.

Choices in Design and Colors

Interlocking pavers come in a variety of different designs, shapes, and colors. You can imitate the look of stone by using uneven shapes and sizes. You can also imitate the look of brick by using interlocking pavers that resemble brick. There’s no limit to the design options available to you. This means that interlocking pavers are a great choice for almost all kinds of homes.


Interlocking paving stones can withstand all kinds of weather, even our harsh Canadian winters. Unlike poured concrete, these pavers don’t freeze and thaw enough to crack and become damaged. This makes them the ideal installation for properties in Ottawa.

Maintenance and Repairs

Maintaining your interlock is simple as it’s only a matter of washing it every once in a while. You may also wish upon installation, to apply a sealer to your bricks. If a particular piece is damaged or cracked, you can easily remove it and replace it with a new one or call us to get the job finished for you.


Installation of interlock pavers may appear easy, however it can be tricky to get the proper slope to ensure adequate drainage.  At Gordmay, we utilize laser levels which is the most effective approach.  We also take the time to ensure we dig down the appropriate distance and utilize the proper granular/tamper prior to install.

Property Value

Interlock will have a significant impact on your property value and curb appeal. These pavers look great and add an interesting design element to your home. Buyers will be more interested in a home with an interlock driveway than a gravel filled or simple paved one. You might get back a significant portion of your installation expense when you sell your home.

Interlock pavers are also very durable and will last for as long as your home stands if they’re installed by professionals and maintained properly.

If you want to install interlocking pavers, you need to look no further. You can contact us at Gordmay Construction. We can handle all kinds of installations and repairs. Our number is 613 715 4841. You can also fill in this contact us form.


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